TBCM Issue #2: June/July 2013

Featured in the June/July 2013 Issue:

  • How to organize LEGO instructions
  • New LEGO book releases
  • This month’s LEGO model with building instructions
  • LEGO Town House in the Set Spotlight
  • A review of LEGO City Alarm
  • A special feature expanding on last issue’s LEGO Model of the Month
  • A Friends Word Scramble

and much more!


TBCM Issue #2

Using the link below you can download a pdf file of the 24-page second issue of The Brick Collectors Magazine.  It’s totally FREE - no sign up or registration required!  Alternately, you can purchase a printed copy by following the link in the sidebar.

Here is the link to the short film referenced in the Brickfilms column.

Below are links to Activity & Puzzle Pages from this issue that you may wish to download and print. (These are single-page downloads.)

LEGO® is a registered trademark of the LEGO Group, which does not sponsor, authorize, or endorse this work.  These materials are copyright 2013, The Brick Collectors.  Reproduction of these materials for commercial purposes or for any reason beyond personal use is expressly prohibited except with the permission of The Brick Collectors.
Letter Pages TheList2 WordPuzzle
Letter Pages Series 2


TBCM Issue #2: June/July 2013 — 8 Comments

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  3. Great job! May I suggest adding an RSS feed link so that people can keep up with each issue? Though, I was able to post your URL into my RSS reader and it worked.

  4. I’ll look into that. I design and maintain this website myself and I have no formal training in this stuff. I learn as I go…so it might take me a bit to figure out the RSS stuff. I like the suggestion!

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  6. I subscribed for email updates. But since you have a wordpress site, can you set up the follow app/widget so we can see the blog in the WP reader?

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