The End of the Road

Today is the last day this website will be operational. The cost of maintaining The Brick Collectors website is something I can’t afford right now, and today is expiration day. I hope to find a new place to post the old issues of the magazine so they will still be available to download.

Thanks again to our many supporters. We appreciate you taking the time to read our humble little publication. We will continue to maintain our Facebook page, and if we have anything new to share, you will find it there.

Many thanks, and happy building!

The Brick Collectors Magazine Issue #8 is Now Available!


It’s finally here!  Issue #8 of The Brick Collectors Magazine is now available for you to download here and enjoy! I know this has been LONG overdue, but I hope you will find it worth the wait!

I have decided I will not be able to keep up with a regular publishing schedule, as there are too many demands on my time right now.  However I do hope that there will be more special editions in the future.  Thank you for your patience and your kind feedback!

Checking In

August!!  That’s the date stamp on my last post!  Time flies…


If anyone is checking in here looking for the latest issue of The Brick Collectors Magazine, I’ve got good news and bad news.  I was due to publish the last issue in September, and, well, obviously that didn’t happen.  I had an issue prepped and very close to completion, and then my “real” job once again interfered.  I’ve taken on extra hours, which is leaving me many hours short of having time for magazine publishing.

The good news is, I do have an issue very close to being done.  It’s a realistic goal for me to get it finished and out to you.

The bad news is, I don’t see my schedule allowing for regular release dates any time soon.  I love putting the magazine together and I don’t want to completely abandon it, but at this point it really needs to stay a hobby without regular demands on me.

I hope you’ll still come by and continue to enjoy the magazines as they are released, and I apologize that I can’t seem to stick to a schedule.  As soon as I win the lottery and don’t have to work, I promise I’ll be much more dependable.

Until then…we’ll keep you updated with our LEGO adventures as often as we possibly can.  Thanks for your patience!

LEGO Friends in Space Challenge

There isn’t a whole lot of time left to participate, but this is a neat challenge with great prizes!  ReBrick is hosting a challenge to build a space-themed LEGO Friends model.  You can read the guidelines here.  You do have to be 16 years or older and have a ReBrick account.  I wish I had more time to work on this, but I have a very busy week ahead.  See if it can inspire you!


Read The Brick Collectors Magazine on Your iPad!

imagesDid you know that you can buy & read all issues of The Brick Collectors Magazine using the MagCloud app on your iPad for just $0.99 an issue?  The app is a free download.  Inside the app you can search for The Brick Collectors Magazine.  Each digital edition is available for $0.99, or you can purchase a print copy for $7.00 and get the digital edition free.

You will need a MagCloud account to purchase the magazine through the app.  MagCloud also has a wide-range of other publications you can browse, too.  I’ve loaded the issues onto my iPad so my kids can browse through them when they want to.

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