Make Your Own LEGO Movie Double-Decker Couch


If you are a LEGO Movie fan, there is one small thing that is kind of disappointing about the sets that have been released.  You can’t get a double-decker couch (which is AWESOME!  Because everything is.) unless you purchase set 70810 MetalBeard’s Sea Cow.  Don’t get me wrong, the Sea Cow is awe…I mean great, but at $249.99, it’s not something I can rush out and buy.


I was all set to make my own makeshift version of the double-decker couch for my kids, when I remembered…you can download and print instructions for all the recent LEGO sets from!  Here’s a shortcut to the Sea Cow instructions.  Be patient – this is a big file.

Image 3

Once the file has loaded, advance to page 23 and voila!  Couch building happiness!  I had to make two substitutions based on the pieces we have (or don’t have, really).  We did not have enough of the 2×2 blue tiles, so I used the 1×2′s we had instead.  And you need A LOT of dark gray 1×2 plates with a single vertical claw on the narrow end.  That problem I solved by using 1×1 claws, like in the picture below.

Image 1Other than that, there really weren’t any specialty pieces required for the build.  Of course, you could trot off to BrickLink and buy whatever you might need there, and still spend WAY less than $250.

Now I’m debating building that small-scale MetalBeard.  My son really digs MetalBeard.

I hope this is helpful to some other movie fans out there!

Edited to Add:  Apparently I used the wrong color blue tiles for the couch – they are just the standard LEGO blue.  The first picture now shows the couch in the correct color!


Everything is Awesommmmmmeee…

There it is…the song I can’t get out of my head no matter how hard I try!  It doesn’t help that my 3-year-old daughter likes to put the song on repeat on my phone and dance to it for an hour at a time.

Anyway, everything is awesome, if slightly hectic.  The Brick Collectors Magazine has been on the sidelines a little too long, so I’m getting back to work on the next issue which is long overdue.  I hope  at least a few of you will be looking forward to when the next issue arrives!


[US] 2014 Friends and Super Heroes Sets in Store

Image 1My local Toys R Us is stocking more of the new 2014 sets.  They had a whole lot of the new Friends stuff and a few of the Super Heroes sets.  The cashier was dismayed to discover that the Friends Juice Bar set was in stock – someone had called asking about it and she told her that they were out.  So if there’s someone in WNY looking for the Juice Bar – hurry up and get one!

I try not to look at advance pictures of sets online so that I’m surprised when I see the new stuff for the first time.  Do you cheat and check them out online or do you wait until they arrive in stores?